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BAAPS guidance on the resumption of work after COVID-19

May 2020

In order to focus healthcare resources on managing the COVID-19 pandemic, aesthetic plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments have been stopped. With the COVID-19 rates beginning to decline and the UK Government lockdown restrictions entering a phased period of relaxation, the current focus for an increasing number of BAAPS members and facilities is to prepare for the resumption of elective procedures. The timing of the resumption, which is also likely to be staged, will vary between members depending on the type of workload and available facilities. However, members are advised to closely adhere to any national and local NHS guidelines which continue to evolve and be updated.

This document offers a set of principles to help surgeons and minor operating facilities plan for the
resumption of elective aesthetic plastic surgical care. Whilst many different models of working for
our members exist in the UK private healthcare sector, we suggest BAAPS members use this checklist as a guide to ensure these principles and issues have at least been considered. Understanding both the local facility capabilities (e.g., beds, testing, operating theatres) as well as potential constraints (e.g., workforce, supply chain), while monitoring the potential for subsequent waves of COVID-19 will
continue to be important.

We have focused on the return of non-surgical treatments and local anaesthetic (LA) minor
operations in predominantly outpatient facilities, which are often under the direct control of BAAPS
members. However, we are aware that many members can influence their local hospital operational
framework and hence much of this could be used to impact on the longer-term horizon of a return to
elective general anaesthetic (GA) procedures in aesthetic surgery. The document is separated into
three distinct sections with five subsections in each, based on the patient journey. Each subsection
should be considered before elective treatments and surgery may be safely resumed. Evaluating and
addressing each of these will help members and facilities to not only optimally provide safe and highquality surgical patient care, but also to ensure that aesthetic plastic surgery resumes, and does not stop again.

We have also provided a number of potentially useful documents and templates as appendices. These documents are provided as examples and are for reference purposes only. They have not been
produced with any legal or indemnity company approval and, as such, it is vital that any BAAPS
member who wishes to use a version of these documents seeks specialist advise.

Finally, many national and international organisations have produced similar guidance on how to
safely return to surgical activity. These resources continue to be updated and we would urge all
members to also utilise these combined resources where possible.

BAAPS guidance on the resumption of work after COVID-19

last updated on 18 May 2020