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Press Releases and Statements

BAAPS Cosmetic Tourism Update

As Brits Continue to Risk Their Lives Getting Surgery Abroad, A National Audit Reveals the Problem Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg. The number of people needing hospital treatment in the UK after getting cosmetic surgery abroad increased by 94 per... Read more

Caution raised Over Potential Immune System Impact of Cosmetic Filler

Dermal fillers have gained in popularity, partly influenced by reality TV shows like Love Island and social media; however medical experts caution that the injected substance may face cause an immune reaction. Hyaluronic acid – the key compound... Read more

BAAPS Statement on The Working Party on Sexual Misconduct in Surgery

In light of the findings of The Working Party on Sexual Misconduct in Surgery, the BAAPS would like to emphasise our abhorrence of sexual misconduct and all abusive behaviours. The BAAPS code of conduct is a central tenant of our charitable aims... Read more

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