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BAAPS Regional Training Representatives

We are very pleased to announce the following regional representatives.  Should you be interested in liaising with anyone of these reps or becoming a BAAPS Regional Representative, please contact 

Region                                  Representative

East Midlands                           Lopa Patel

East of England                         Kai Wong

London                                       Riaz Agha

North East                                  James Wokes

North West (Mersey)               Parneet  Gill

North West (Manchester)      Nick Pantelides

Northern Ireland                      Currently Vacant             

Scotland                                     John Biddlestone

South West Peninsula              Evgenios Evgeniou

Thames Valley/Wessex           Currently Vacant             

Wales                                          Muhammad Javed

West Midlands                          Chris  MacDonald

Yorkshire & Humber                 Stef Young