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I was suffering with around the clock back, shoulder and neck pain for over 8 years and one day it dawned on me that I would have to live like this for the entirety of my life. That was not an option. Kaeleen Stammers, 25

Read Kaeleen's story and see her before & after images.

Kaeleen Stammers, 25

Procedure: Breast Reduction

She says, 

My best friend Ranvia had a breast reduction with Dr Lyndsay Highton 6 months before and had absolutely amazing results, she shared with me all her research and knowledge about the method Dr Highton used so I went ahead hoping for the same outcome.

I researched different medical groups in the UK who offered Breast Reductions, the cost, their reviews. I also had a look at American medical groups and their methods e.g., lipo breast reduction which I wasn't a candidate for and lastly, I joined breast reduction groups on Facebook to get a real insight of the recovery process and other people's journeys 

I was suffering with around the clock back, shoulder and neck pain for over 8 years and one day it dawned on me that I would have to live like this for the entirety of my life. That was not an option. I became so frustrated with the size and weight of my breasts as I couldn't do any movement without being in agony. I thought it's either I get them surgically removed or I'll do it myself with garden shears! When that thought crossed my mind, even though it was comical, I realised my mental health was deteriorating if I was considering hurting myself. That was the day I decided something had to be done and buy fire or force, I was going to get the help that I needed.

I had applied through my GP to get a breast reduction on the NHS. However, my BMI was slightly over, no doubt due to the weight of my breasts and I was rejected for the treatment. I think this was my saving grace as the results of NHS breast reductions I witnessed on the Facebook groups were appalling in comparison to privately funded operations. Another main factor that swayed my decision to go with Dr Highton was the fact that she was a woman. Most medical groups that I researched, if not all, apart from Spire had seemingly all male surgeons. 

Dr Highton made me feel so comfortable and assured, that was the first time in my life anyone had assessed me with confidence and certainty that they could make my life better. I felt over the moon.

All my family and friends supported my decision even though some of them were scared they were all on board and tried their best to support.

I had never undergone surgery in my adult life, so I was terrified in the weeks leading up to the operation. I had fears of dying on the table, and I had fears of the operation going wrong with the machinery malfunctioning, mostly just anxiousness and irrational thinking. But at the same time, I was beyond excited and just wanted it to be done. I felt an overwhelming sense of inner peace that this was finally going to happen, and I was finally going to get the help that I needed.

When I woke up from surgery, I felt relieved. I could physically feel that the weight had been taken from my chest as if by magic and I took a very deep breath to feel my lungs expand for the first time in a long time without difficulty. Right after that moment, I felt hot searing pain coursing through my body which I couldn't pinpoint the source and an overwhelmingly full bladder from the medication they gave me while I was put to sleep.

In the weeks that followed, I felt triumphant and extremely happy with my decision, how the operation went and my new frame. Even though the recovery was rough, I knew that it was a temporary period as opposed to years of further pain and inability to do things that I love.

The surgery has transformed my life for the better more than I ever believed it could. As a model I can now get cast for 80% more jobs than I did before. I have done many campaigns that I never believed I could, and I have the confidence to try so many new things in regard to movement, my body, and lifelong dreams in general. I feel comfortable in my skin and am very excited to rebuild my wardrobe exploring my style and flair for fashion out of fun and not necessity.

I signed up for Yoga and Pilates when my scars were healed enough which I have been doing regularly and have successfully strengthened my body to a point I know I can begin to pursue my love for netball and other sports again after 8 years, without injuring myself. This is something I didn't believe was possible!

My friends and family are very proud of me and very supportive at all times. They are happy to see such a positive shift in who I am, and how I operate in the world since having the breast reduction.

Cosmetic surgery has improved my life in every way shape and form. I have peace of mind, comfortability in my body and a new zest for life where I wake up every day thankful, I am pain-free and allowed to do and wear whatever I please. 

It's the best thing I've ever done and would encourage everyone to go for it!



                                            Before                                                         After

Surgeon: Miss Lyndsay Highton


I have absolutely no regrets - and I am spreading the word to get rid of that taboo that surgery is bad and vein and selfish, because it isn't at all! Monica Edwards, 29.

Read Monica's story and see her before & after images.

Monica Edwards, 29

Procedure: Rhinoplasty

She says, 

“The main reason for getting my nose job was because I am getting married in December 2023.I have always had a complex with my nose - I never allowed side on pictures, and whenever I did see them on the rare occasion it made me feel so self-conscious. I do care about my appearance and try to look after myself, so feeling ugly hurt.

If I ever walked past someone on the street, I would turn my head so they would not see my side on profile and in school I got called "witch" a couple times because of my nose.

I tried other non-surgical options such as nose filler, and yes it did help a little bit, but it didn't really make a big enough difference for me to be super happy. Secondly filler is not permanent and is £400 every time, therefore it seemed like an expensive thing to upkeep. I appreciate surgery is expensive, but it is a one-time cost and then it is done for life then. I would just like to add, I don't regret getting filler, because this was a helpful steppingstone in prepping me for surgery.

For my wedding, I didn't want to feel self-conscious, worrying if the photographer was taking pictures of my side profile. I feared that I would look through my wedding pictures unhappy and feeling ugly, so I made the decision that I was not going to feel like. I wasn't going to let my insecurity of my nose ruin my wedding day and dictate my life like this - which was the reason behind the surgery. If you don't feel it yourself then there is nothing anybody can say to make you change your mind.

It was very important for me to do the surgery in the UK because I wanted to recover in my own home and be able to communicate fluently in surroundings I was used to.  I appreciate some individuals decide to go to Turkey to have the surgery, but for me it just wasn't an option. It wasn't really about the money; it was more about finding the best surgeon for me. With rhinoplasty, I was very aware that this was surgery on my face - there was nowhere to hide if it were to go wrong.

I live in London - therefore I didn't want to travel too far from my house after the procedure and opted for a London Based clinic.

I spent a few weeks researching clinics in London, looking at reviews, looking at websites such as Real Self and following surgeons within that clinic on Instagram to get a good idea of their final work. I have a friend who is an ENT surgeon, so I asked for his advice on certain surgeons I was looking at and he checked their credentials for me to ensure they had the necessary qualifications.

The reason I ended up choosing Duncan was because he really listened to what I wanted from my new nose and was not afraid to say no if he felt like it was "too far". I think that is something that really struck a chord with me and made me feel like I was in safe hands! His results were very natural looking, which was an important factor, but more importantly I just went with my gut on this. After seeing Duncan, my gut just said, “yes this is the surgeon”.

I had never had any type of operation before, so I was shaking with nerves before going into the consultation. However, Duncan made me feel so ease, so relaxed, and just very confident in his abilities. By the time I left, I just felt sure he was going to do a great job, but more importantly he would look after me when I was most vulnerable.

My fiancé, sister and friends knew. They were all super supportive of me and some have said I have inspired them to tackle their insecurities now without judgement. Of course, my fiancé was a bit upset initially - his exact words were "but I fell in love with your face" - but after time, seeing how happy it would make me, he really stepped up and did nothing but support me in its entirety. Plus, Duncan produced before and after pictures of other patients who had had the procedure and that really put him at ease. My fiancé though my whole face would change, and I would look totally different - but after seeing the pictures, it still looked just like me, just slightly better.

I was very calm leading up to the surgery, apart from the morning of! My biggest fear was more that I had not told my mum, and if something were to happen to me on the operating table - she would be so angry with me and so upset. So, I was thinking more about my mum in that moment rather than a fear of my nose not looking quite right etc.

When my fiancé dropped me off at the clinic, I did cry a bit because I felt so overwhelmed and worried, but as soon as Duncan came to see me before the operation, I was calm and just felt ready - the time is now sort of mentality. The fear comes from the unknown, I have never had surgery before so I had no idea what to expect, no idea how I would feel waking up etc.

I felt amazing when I woke up from the surgery. ! I had done lots of research to help me prepare. I had watched about 10 different rhinoplasty surgeries on YouTube as well as documentaries of the recovery and this helped me prep mentally for every step of the way. 

Lots of the videos had talked about feeling very sick and groggy waking up - but honestly, I had none of that. It was probably the pain killers, but I just felt relaxed and mentally I was very alert. This is the biggest thing that surprised my fiancé - he was expecting to pick up some one half asleep, but I was just like my normal self, as if nothing had happened!

The hardest thing was when the cast was removed after a week and seeing my nose was a shock. I had prepared so I knew it would look awful and it would not look like this when it healed but wow it hit me like a brick. My nose had swollen to the shape of the cast, so it was literally this giant bruised rectangle on my face - so I had to take deep breaths for a while and just tap into what I had learnt - this is temporary, and it won't look like this forever!

The next stage was the taping. I had to wear tape on my nose for a week after the cast was removed and as much as possible for the next two months. This did make me feel a bit self-conscious as my whole nose was plastered up so of course people would stare - but it is a small sacrifice !
I tried not to look at my nose too much for the first 6 weeks - having done all the research, I knew it would be super swollen and there was no point being too worried about it because it won't look like this in the end.

In all honesty - getting a nose job is all about mental strength. It wasn't very painful at all - it is more about being prepared so nothing freaks you out and you know what to expect. 

Plus, with all the research, I bought lots of things to help me get through the first week. I took Arnica a week before the operation, and I think that helped a lot as I barely had any bruising. I had dry mouth spray as I couldn't breathe that well through my nose, lip balm for my dry lips from breathing through my mouth, and I ate extremely healthily for two weeks post recovery. 

I have absolutely no regrets - and I am spreading the word to get rid of that taboo that surgery is bad and vein and selfish, because it isn't at all! So, when people ask me - I tell the truth and don't try to hide it! 

I feel much happier wearing my hair up now and my side profile is much more appealing in my opinion. Everyone who saw my nose after couldn't believe how natural it looked! This is why I went with Duncan - I did not want it to be super obvious that I had had a nose job - instead, Duncan just beautifully improved my face naturally.

My friends, sister and fiancé are super supportive, everyone can see how much happier I am. I don't really mind so much about anyone else's opinion because I did it for me, and it has made me so much happier and will continue to do so for my whole life. Not feeling insecure at my wedding - that feeling is worth thousands! To be blunt, I feel prettier. I feel more confident meeting new people and having pictures taken. It is a weight that has been lifted off me. I would 100% do it again.”


                                                 Before                                                                                    After

Surgeon:  Mr Duncan Atherton                            


After Having My Second Child I Looked Six Months Pregnant & I Was In Constant Pain, but Aesthetic Surgery Gave Me My Life Back! Virginia Keir - 34

Read Virginia's story and see the before and after images.

 Virginia Keir, 34

Procedure: Abdominoplasty and very large rectus divarification (abdominal wall) repair with Mr Alastair Platt at the Spire  Hospital, East Riding Yorkshire

She says, 

“After having my first child I had some muscle separation but after my second pregnancy this got much worse.  I had constant back pain and had to take pain killers to cope with and while the rest of my body returned to normal after I had my children, I was left with a massive skin overhang that made my tummy look like I was still six months pregnant. I also experienced skin infections and I had to visit a dermatologist multiple times to have these treated. My physical and mental health was really suffering and I felt I would be in constant pain unless I took action.

After doing extensive research on abdominoplasty I found my surgeon, Mr Alastair Platt. His experience and credentials were very important in my decision to choose him as my surgeon. He had great testimonials from patients and he also specialised in intricate procedures, like hand surgery, so I felt his precision and attention to detail would be very beneficial because my surgery would not be straightforward. My abdominal muscles had twisted around to the other side of my body and Mr Platt said it was one of the worst cases he had ever seen. I was never anxious about having the procedure, I was more anxious it might get cancelled!  Mr Platt and his team took very good care of me. I can’t thank them enough for all their support.

Having the surgery has been life changing and the difference to my physical and mental health is amazing. I feel like I have got my life back. Not only does my stomach look the way it did before I had children, which is great for my confidence and wellbeing but the constant back pain has gone which has literally given me a new lease of life! I am now able to wear the clothing and outfits that I want to wear. Before surgery I had to dress for practicality in stretchy leggings and baggy shirts, whereas now I can dress for my mood or fashion choices, which has given me my confidence back. I am also able to work out and lift weights again, which was very important to me before I had children. This has also massively improved both my physical and mental health.”

Pre Surgery Images









Post Surgery Images: 


Surgeon:  Mr Alastair Platt 


Aesthetic Surgery Gave Me The Confidence to Scuba Dive! - Abhi Gupta, 36

Read Abhi's story and see his before & after images.

Procedure: Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and gynaecomastia surgery (male chest reduction) with Mr Marc Pacifico.


“From my heaviest to my lightest I lost around 140 pounds. It had a hugely positive impact on my life - I was fit, much healthier, much more active, and much happier. Not just with my body shape but with the quality of life. I wasn’t out of breath doing simple day to day tasks any more.

But I was left with a lot of excess skin on my chest and abdomen. I was very self-conscious about it - I wouldn’t feel comfortable changing in public, I wouldn’t wear tight fitting clothes and it did mess with my self perception a lot. Despite size small t-shirts being a bit baggy on me and having a visible outline of my ribs, I still felt like I needed to lose weight.

There were also some physical issues - lying flat on my stomach was difficult because it felt like I was lying on an extra cushion. I had to wear my shorts or trousers tight enough to keep them in place that they would cause bruises around my hip bones and it did affect my movement - some exercises were hard to do because I had the extra tissue to navigate around.

The extra tissue on my chest was also affecting my posture and the weight of it was causing my shoulders to hunch forward a bit. I needed to wear a support to stop movement if I was doing any kind of cardio and found myself walking with my arms folded or one hand on my stomach without the support.

My surgery has made a huge impact on my life.  I’m a lot more comfortable and a lot more confident and I wear clothes that actually fit me.

There’s been a positive change in the way I move and exercise, in the way I carry myself, and that confidence seems to have carried over into other aspects of my life. I’m more confident at work, I’m trying new things including scuba diving which I never did because I was worried about  how I’d look in a wetsuit. I also tried bouldering. I had done it before, but it felt much easier when I could move more freely. I’m now wearing proper fitting clothes rather than always wearing baggy clothes and I’m more comfortable using the changing rooms at the gym & generally feeling more comfortable going out and being around people.

So it has been hugely positive. It’s made me realise that I could and should have been a bit kinder to myself, even with the excess skin. There was no real need to stop myself from doing things, but I just didn’t like my body image. Now I wish I had allowed myself that bit more confidence  but I am not holding back now!

Pre Surgery Images: 



Post Surgery Images: 


                                                                             Days after Surgery                                           5 months post-op


Surgeon:  Mr Marc Pacifico 


I really wish I had had the surgery done years ago. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and has given me a complete change of lifestyle - Corrie Tyrie, 49.

Read Corries' story below: 

Procedure: Bilateral breast reduction with Marc Pacifico. Purity Bridge 

I have worked at Purity Bridge clinic with Marc Pacifico and Nora Nugent for several years. I am lucky to be able to see first-hand the results of similar procedures and to witness the whole process from start to finish. I have cared for many pre and post op patients that have had similar procedures. 

I have always been very large busted and hated having big boobs. It hindered me in so many ways. I used to run a fair bit prior to developing large breasts and did a lot of physical exercise which I loved. That stopped and I was unable to do some of the sports I really enjoyed because of the pain. 

Psychologically, being large busted had a huge impact on me. It was commonplace for men to ‘talk’ to my chest not me and I had to endure continual “amusing” comments about my size from both men and women. Even my siblings would ‘tease’ me regularly. 

I would only wear certain clothing to hide my figure, which was very limiting. I could never wear anything high collared as this would emphasis my chest size. I was lucky in that I have a very narrow back so was able to ‘hide’ to a certain extent if I was careful with my clothing. 

It was always so difficult to find bras in my size and they were always very expensive.

 As I got older, I developed back pain which was partly due to the size of my bust and partly due to my job role. I have had to have time off work because of this, suffering from sciatica and the weight of my breasts also impacted the recovery. As I got older, pain free days were few and far between.  Then I developed neck pain approximately 18 months ago, this was constant, and I although I could cope with the back pain without regular pain killers, I could not cope with the neck pain without these. I did not like taking regular tablets and would often cope with topical creams, which helped, but these were used daily for months. 

I considered a breast reduction, but like many mothers,  I just couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on myself, especially with one child being at university, but when I developed the neck pain, I just knew I had to do something. 

Prior to boking my consultation, I spoke with the team at Purity Bridge to ensure they were happy to operate on me, from a professional aspect. It’s very different being on the other side of the ‘counter’ as a patient. Knowing all the staff at the clinic helped and was also very reassuring.

My husband was supportive. He didn’t really see the need but was aware it was something that had always bothered me, and I had always wanted to have done.  My son was non plussed, but my daughter was very supportive because she is even larger sized at a younger age than me and it might be something she would want to do in the future. 

Once I made the decision to have the surgery, I did not feel nervous as I knew I was in very good hands. I was treated as a normal patient and not a member of staff. In the weeks following, I did have some normal pain and concerns post op and I did have to remember what we cover at specialist nurse appointments and what I would normally tell my patients. This helped tremendously and the experience also helped me empathise more with patients. I often tell patients that I have had surgery, and this really helps to reassure them.

 I was a 30GG/H bra size, and I am now a 30DD/E. Now that I have had the surgery, I really wish I had had it done years ago. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and has given me a complete change of lifestyle. 

 I have no neck pain and literally from day 1, my back pain was so much better, nearly gone. Even my surgeon, Marc Pacifico, said it changed my whole-body shape and posture. I can get into clothes and dresses that I was not able to before.  Everyone has been so supportive; I have had lots of questions from girlfriends who would like to have the same procedure having seen the impact it had on me.  My husband was also pleasantly surprised!  think he thought I might emerge flat chested, but I now have a very nice and natural shape. Its had such a positive impact mentally and physically; I would do it again in a heartbeat.