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BAAPS 2019 Annual International Conference

Refinement and the Art of Aesthetic Surgery

The BAAPS 2019 conference promises to be the best yet, with an A-list faculty of renowned plastic surgeons from around the world attending.

For the first time in BAAPS conference history, we have a session specifically dedicated to male plastic surgery, focussing on the chest and abdomen.

We have a session on the psychological aspects of plastic surgery and a lecture delivered by two of the most respected psychologists in this field.

The topic of BBLs (Brazilian Butt Lifts) remains controversial, with an excess of complications and even death when not performed safely. This has led to the BAAPS advising against its members undertaking this form of surgery until more is known. In order to address this head-on, we have invited some of the world’s leading BBL experts (from the US, Colombia and Spain) to take part in a series of lectures and debates on the topic.

We then plan to hold round of indicative voting after the debates to understand the right direction for the BAAPS and its members to take.

Don't forget to register separately for the BAAPS Masterclass on Evolution of Body Contouring with Dr Alfredo Hoyos here.

There will be the free Trainee session for all trainees on the morning of Friday 11th October from 9am - 13:00pm in the Club Room, please register here.

We are also hosting a parallel plastic surgery nurses conference for the first time on the afternoon of the Friday 11th October from 14:00 in the Club Room.  Inviting plastic surgery nurses to engage with the BAAPS and provide some invaluable lectures and topics for their day to day professional lives. The nurses conference will include topics ranging from pre-operative counselling, improving patient communication through to wound management, the psychological side of our plastic surgery patients and the added value nurses can bring to a plastic surgery practice. Please register here

We hope to see you there! 

See the programme here and register here