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BAAPS Support Complaints Service (BSCS)

Welcome to BSCS

Running a busy practice presents a number of challenges. BAAPS Support is well placed to help with the common issues that we all face day to day. 

According to a recent survey of members, dealing with patient complaints is the number one issue with which members would like support. 

The BAAPS Support Complaints Service (BSCS) is an option for members who have dealt with a patient complaint on a local level but would like a third-party review. 

BAAPS Support, together with RPC Solicitors, will provide advice following receipt of the patient records and information regarding a patient complaint. 

The cost of this has been kept to an absolute minimum to allow members to use the service whenever they need it. This process can be explained to patients who will feel supported by having this separate avenue outside of the practice.

The BSCS is an extra service that is offered by BAAPS Support and does not replace the medico-legal helpline and cover provided by an indemnity insurer. We recommend that your indemnity company is notified appropriately should you log a complaint.

If you would like to register to become a member of BAAPS Complaints Service, please read the full terms and conditions. You can download the BSCS application form and set up your monthly stripe subscription here

Please return the application form to

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  • Individual Consultant Membership  - £35 per month
  • Corporate Membership- up to 5 consultants -£75 per month
  • Corporate Membership- up to 10 consultants -£100 per month
  • Corporate Membership - over 10 consultants - £250 per month