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We are very greatful for the support of the Corporate Industry Partners and sponsors that help The BAAPS achieve the highest level of educational objectives each year. 

BAAPS Platinum Partners

Incision by Paragon Platinum Partner

Incision is a membership scheme specifically for surgeons. Each member benefits from a regulated and contractual insurance policy, which meets and exceeds the requirements of all private hospital groups.  BAAPS Members are given premium insurance policy benefits, please see more here. 


Motiva Platinum Partner

Establishment Labs, the manufacturer of Motiva® products, is a women’s health company that is committed to achieving safety through innovation. As such, our focus has always been – and will always be – the safety and satisfaction of our patients.

Surrounded by competitors that still use relatively old technology in their implants (i.e. from the last five generations), we firmly believe patients deserve to reap the benefits of technological evolution – which is exactly what makes our sixth-generation implants stand out. Read more here....

BAAPS Gold Parner 

macom® have launched a new technology within the material used in their best compression garment ranges. Following extensive research and listening to feedback from doctors, surgeons and nurses, who for decades have relied on compression garments to optimise surgical results, macom® set out to find the ultimate fabric to further enhance post treatment outcomes. Read more here....


BAAPS Silver Partner 

We are delighted to be working with Lipoelastic Ltd as BAAPS Silver Corporate Partner for 2019.  


LIPOELASTIC is now among the largest producers in the world of compression garments and a leader in Europe.  They are a well-established, family owned company, which prides itself in delivering high quality, bespoke post-operative brands in plastic and aesthetic garments. See the Lipoelastic website here


To find out more about BAAPS Corporate Partners, please contact or call 020 7430 1840.