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Mr Frederick Villeneuve Nicolle Obituary


Mr Frederick Villeneuve NICOLLE

Mr F. V. Nicolle was an accomplished, eminent Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and in the UK he was a legend.  Born on 11th March 1931 in Lausanne, Switzerland and grew up in Jersey and the UK.  Sadly passed away on 24th March 2024. He leaves behind his beloved wife Helia, son Hugo, daughters Edwina and Miranda, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. 

Frederick Villeneuve Nicolle as we called him FVN, was educated at Eton College and Trinity College Cambridge where he obtained his B.A. becoming a Batchelor of Medicine and later a Master in surgery.  He was awarded McLaughlin Fellowship in 1964 and he was a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Montreal General Hospital and Montreal Childrens Hospital.  He was also a Lecturer in the faculty of medicine at McGill University, Montreal in 1964-1969.

He was a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital in London and Senior Lecturer in Surgery at the University of London and Royal Post Graduate Medical School from 1970-1981.  He was in full time pivate practice in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at 30 Harley Street London since 1982.  He was one of the founding members of BAAPS and also President of BAAPS from 1984-1986, and President of Chelsea Clinical Society in 1986.  He was Treasurer of ISAPS from 1986-1992, President of Alpine Surgical Society and a full member of BAPS, BAAPS and ISAPS.  He was elected to Royal College of Surgeons in 1963.  Mr Nicolle has multiple pubilcations and his books include, Breast Augmentation in 1977, Surgery of Rheumatoid Hand 1979.  The Hand 1985.  Aesthetic Rhinoplasty 1994.  He invented V. Nicolle Harrison joint prosthesis for the hand. Mr Nicolle was also well known internationally in the teaching at ISAPS, as well as to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.  He contributed to many meetings in New York, Aston Baker Symposium as well as the Baker Gordon Miami meetings.  He was very active in the UK and the first to start a Fellowship in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and I have been honoured to be his first Fellow and later on his associate and partner where I took over his Practice. 

I knew Mr Nicolle very well, he was a true gentleman and Artist whom enjoyed water colour painting, as did his wife Helia.  He was well respected amongst his colleagues and friends around the world.  His reputation goes far beyond the United Kingdom.  He trained many Fellows whom left after six months to go on to start their own Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Practices throughout the world, from South Africa to Turkey, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, India and so forth and in the UK particularly.  Mr Nicolle set up Private Practice in Harley Street, London.  He had such a high reputation and regarded as a doyen of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  He gave Gillies Lecture at Royal College of Surgeons. He excelled in his teachings and demonstrations and elegance.

As a Surgeon and colleague I had the privilege of knowing him well.  I spent more than 16 years working together in the same Practice.  His motto was “you learn your craft by watching the Master”.  He was immaculate and as his daughter described him as very dandy!.  He was always keen to keep on time and any movement during operation must have a purpose. He enjoyed teaching and seeing the result of his surgery and his patients always admired his work.  He had good friendships with famous Surgeons around the world such as Dr Foad Nahai, Dr William (Bill) Little, Dr Tom Biggs, Dr Tom Baker in Miami, Dr Ivor Pitanguy, Dr Tom Reese, Dr Sherrell Aston and many many other Surgeons around the world.


Mr Basim A. Matti FRCS
Consultant Plastic Surgeon


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