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BAAPS CPD and Programme Accreditation


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to any learning outside of undergraduate education or postgraduate training which helps you maintain and improve your performance. It covers the development of your knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours across all areas of your professional practice. It includes both formal and informal learning activities.

Examples of CPD include external activities: regional, national or international educational meetings organised by national bodies, specialist societies or commercial providers; internal activities: locally organised teaching programmes and clinical governance meetings within the employing organisation; and personal study: reading of relevant books and journals, and e-Learning.

One credit or one point equates to one hour of learning activity and the BAAPS recommends that doctors should complete a minimum of 50 hours CPD per year of which a minimum of 20 hours per year should be completed in each of external and internal activities

Our CPD scheme provides a framework to assess your educational needs and to identify and plan appropriate learning activities on a continuous basis within the context of your Professional Development Plan. The scheme is consistent with Academy of Medical Royal Colleges CPD guidance. It helps you ensure you are meeting GMC (General Medical Council) requirements for revalidation and CPD.


Application for CPD Approval

BAAPS welcomes applications for CPD approval of courses and events and the benefits of CPD approval by the BAAPS include the following:

  1. Event reviews are completed by independent, specialist CPD Assessors, who are clinicians experienced in the subject area. The reviews are only sent to a CPD Assessor after an initial administrative check has been completed by the College CPD Team.
  2. Approved events will be featured in the CPD Online Diary.
  3. Approved events will also be featured on the BAAPS website.
  4. The BAAPS logo, which is a registered UK trademark, can be used in the promotional material and on the delegate, attendance certificates for approved events.
  5. The process of approving CPD activities is underpinned by an annual quality assurance report.
  6. The whole review and approvals process are based on the Standards and Criteria for CPD Activities - A Framework for Accreditation, as published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. 
  7. Please click here to download application.

The application review process

Should be submitted at least six weeks ahead of the event taking place. Consideration will not be given to applications received less than two weeks before the event date and for any applications for retrospective CPD approval.


The CPD Assessors

  1. BAAPS welcomes applications from surgeons and academics interested in acting as a CPD Assessor. The criteria for a CPD Assessor are as follows:
  2. Hold a substantive specialty doctor/SAS grade or consultant post in the NHS or similar University appointment.
  3. A member of the BAAPS in good standing.
  4. To currently be active in clinical practice or senior academic (reader and above)
  5. Able to demonstrate relevant clinical experience.
  6. Expertise in the sub-specialty area of the event.
  7. Willing to complete at least four event reviews per year.
  8. Able to complete each review within a two to three-week timeframe if possible.

BAAPS Ethical Sponsorship Policy

  1. Events provider must supply details of any sponsorship of the event, and any conflict of interest must be declared.
  2. BAAPS reserves the right to not accredit an event if the event takes a stand which iscontrary to the ethos of BAAPS.
  3. BAAPS seeks to collaborate with a range of organisations to achieve shared objectives.

However, it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow external partnership bring the name of BAAPS into disrepute.



A delegate evaluation form should be produced for each event, including an opportunity to provide comment on every speaker/session, and a blank copy of the form is required. The questions in the form should encourage meaningful feedback. BAAPS has produced an example form which is available on the BAAPS website. Click here.

BAAPS reserves the right to request copies of delegate feedback forms from all accredited events as part of its quality assurance process.


Fees and limitation of accreditation

Payment is required upon submission of the application for CPD accreditation. The application will not be processed until payment is made. The event provider can request an invoice or make payment by contacting or 0207 430 1840.

Refunds: the fee covers the management and overhead costs of the CPD accreditation process. If an event is not approved or is cancelled, there will be no refund of the fees.

Limitation and withdrawal of approval: BAAPS reserve the right to withdraw CPD accreditation at any time. For instance, if there are significant changes to the educational programme of the event, if the event provider failed to disclose any conflict of interest, if there is misrepresentation of the number of CPD credits accredited, if the event provider advertises the event as being CPD accredited before confirmation is received, or if an attendee reports to BAAPS a perception of bias by the speakers at the event. This list is not exhaustive; any other reason warranting a withdrawal of accreditation will be considered so to not misrepresent the name of BAAPS.


Cost Structure



*Industry run programmes

**Surgical Societies, Charities, NHS


For Academic Programmes (Level 7, Certificate, diploma, and Masters):

*Industry organised  programmes

**Surgical Societies, Charities, NHS


A fixed accreditation fee with annual renewal fee) will be charged which includes programme document scrutiny and accreditation visit if applicable.

Fees: £10,000 (Inc. VAT).  Annual renewal fee: £2,500 (Inc. VAT)

Please contact for further details.