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Host Centres 

Thank you to the following BAAPS Host Centres who have been approved as Mentors for this programme:
(In alphabetical order) 

Cadagon Clinic in London

Consultants:  Mr Bryan Mayou with 40 national and international aesthetic surgeons


Consultants:  Mr Reza Nassab and Mr Robert Winterton 

Coppergate Clinic in York                      

Consultants:  Mr Nick Rhodes, Mr Dan Saleh, Mr James Smith and Mr Chris West, Mr Waseem Bhat, Miss Ciara Bowers, Miss Stephanie Young, Miss Ciarstan Mc Ardle, Mr Alastair Platt, Mr Will Holmes


Grove Hospital, Berkshire                     

Consultant: Mr Fulvio Urso-Baiarda  

Kat & Co in Birmingham                         

Consultant:  Mrs Chien C Kat, Mr Kenneth Kok, Miss Kerstin Oestreich and Mr Andrej Salibi

Oakland’s in Manchester                             

Consultants - Mr Ahmed EL Gawad with Ms Lindsey Highton

Purity Bridge in Tunbridge Wells                   

Consultants: Mr Marc Pacifico, Miss Nora Nugent and Mr Chris Macdonald

The Plastic Surgery Group in London             

Consultants: Mr Dan Marsh, Mr Mo Akhavani and Mr Bill Townely

Real Clinic-Battersea in London                          

Consultants: Naveen Cavale, Matt James, George Orfaniotis,Yiannis Alexandrides, Amir Sadri, Premjit Randhawa.

UK Aesthetic  in Cheadle

Consultants: Mr Gary Ross and Miss Rachel Holt  


Weymouth St. Hospital               

Consultants:  Mr David Dunaway, Mr Simon Eccles, Mr Barry Jones, Mr Patrick Mallucci, Mr Basim Mattti, 
Mr Juling Ong, Mr Jesper Sorensen, Mr Bill Townley,Mr  Paul Tully, Mr Norman Waterhouse

Weymouth St. Hospital    

Consultants:  Mr Lucion Ion, Mr Jag Chana & Mr Rajan Uppal 

Wood MediSpa in Devon                               

Consultants:Mr James McDiarmid, Mr Paul Wilson, Mr Ammar Allouni and Mr Duncan MacKenzie