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Top Ten Psychological Warning Signs

BAAPS issue Guidelines for Aesthetic Surgeons to Consider During Patient Selection

London, UK - 22 September, 2006 - The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( today published a list of safety guidelines for their members, in an effort to heighten awareness and education about patients who may suffer from severe body-image issues.

The warning signs surgeons should keep in mind:

1) Preoccupation with an imagined defect

2) Excessive concern over a minor blemish or flaw.

3) Perceived anomaly causing significant distress and functional (social and/or occupational) impairment

4) Preoccupation is not accounted for by another mental disorder

5) Multiple consultations

6) Multiple procedures

7) Unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery (e.g. wanting to look like a particular movie star)

8) Unclear or non-specific about goals for the procedure

9) Stop and think

10) Then think again- It may be easier to accede, but if they're not suitable the outcome will only cause regret.


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