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A little botox with your organic cupcake?

Surgeons slam consumer exhibition offering non-surgical treatments

London – 25 March, 2011 – The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( today expressed serious concern about a ‘health, beauty and fitness’ consumer show currently taking place in London’s Earl Court. Among the scores of exhibitors offering organic foods, yoga accessories and makeup, visitors are also being offered wrinkle-relaxing/lip-plumping injections and other medical treatments which they can undergo on the spot.

According to Douglas McGeorge, consultant plastic surgeon and former BAAPS President;

“The increasing popularity of non-surgical cosmetic procedures has led to public complacency about where procedures are performed, and by whom. Before any medical procedure is undertaken, a full medical history should be provided - this is especially important to avoid allergic reactions and identify underlying medical conditions that might pose risks. It is our position that these treatments, while not surgical, are medical undertakings and should only be done in appropriate facilities under the supervision of a properly trained and qualified medical professional. These procedures require sanitary surroundings and sterile instruments – all of which can be compromised if taking place in someone’s booth at a bustling exhibition.”

According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Fazel Fatah;

“It is outrageous but sadly unsurprising that serious medical treatments are being sold alongside cupcakes and vitamin supplements. This reinforces the urgent need for tighter controls and the utter ineffectiveness of current ‘self-regulation’ schemes and voluntary registers.”


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