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Surgeons' statement re: Polyurethane-coated implants

‘No New Developments – Group Exercising Caution’

London – 29 January 2012 – The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( urges caution in the face of alarming headlines regarding possible cancer links with a certain type of implant. Polyurethane-coated devices by Silimed have been banned from use and quarantined by hospital chain Nuffield Health, as recently reported by the media. However, the BAAPS warns that this appears to be just an overtly cautious approach during a review, which is not based on new information, and therefore is no cause for alarm or anxiety in women around the UK.

According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Fazel Fatah;

“There is absolutely no new information about these implants, nor has any emerged since 2005. As always, surgeons are advised to discuss the type of implants they use with their patient. If there are theoretical risks or disadvantages attached to any device, these should be discussed with the patient and the benefit of using the device must outweigh any possible risk or disadvantage. Possibly as a reaction to the PIP implant scandal, the Nuffield Group appears to be reviewing the range of products they are using and taking an overtly cautious attitude until any new developments are reported from the regulatory body on this matter. Until then, patients should remain assured that there has never been a single case of cancer recorded in connection with these implants, and studies from the Food and Drug Administration (regulatory authority) show the theoretical risk to be one in a million over a patient's whole lifetime.”

Scientific documentation

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