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Cross-selling to breast implant scandal victims 'immoral'

Don’t give in to unnecessary procedures or bullying tactics, warn surgeons

London – 10 February, 2012 – The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) today denounce clinics putting pressure on PIP implant victims to buy further surgery when seeking to have the controversial devices removed or replaced. Patients are also increasingly reporting being faced with gagging orders and time-limited offers from their clinics.

According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Fazel Fatah;

“Unless patients themselves ask about options to reshape the breast after the removal or replacement of PIP implants, this should never be proposed to them. To try and cross-sell further surgery or put pressure on them during this distressing time is frankly immoral. Clinics should not put words in patients’ mouths and it is absolutely unethical to suggest additional procedures to them at a time when they are suffering anxiety. Furthermore, if the implants have ruptured, the resulting inflammation will only increase the risk of complications. The breasts should be allowed to settle after removal, giving time to the patient to consider what they would like to do.”

According to consultant plastic surgeon and former BAAPS President Nigel Mercer;

“Even when the implants being removed are intact, patients shouldn’t give in to being sold a nipple lift (mastopexy) at the same time – very few women will need it at this stage. If they are replaced, it’s probably best to choose the same size or just slightly larger implant with the same ‘profile’. Do not allow yourself to be sold unnecessary surgery by a clinic that simply wants to reduce their losses!”

Women seeking help with their PIP implants are also widely reporting being asked to pay in cash within a limited timeframe, to sign agreements that they will not pursue further legal recourse, and told any offers of assistance will be withdrawn should they make their stories public.

Fazel Fatah concludes;

“To be asked to pay in cash within a week, or sign binding agreements within a limited time or the offers of help are withdrawn is highly irregular and we call upon women not to let themselves be bullied or pressured into anything they’re not comfortable with.”


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