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Cosmetic surgery: not perks and recreation

Despite Gov’t recommendations ‘luxury’ inducements continue to glamorize procedures

London – 26 September, 2013 – Despite Sir Bruce Keogh’s review into cosmetic surgery concluding five months ago that time-linked incentives, group deals and other inducements in the sector should be banned, new studies unveiled today at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( ); taking place 26-27 September at London’s QEII conference centre; demonstrate that this type of marketing continues to flourish unabated. 

One study presented at the Meeting reveals that more than half (52%) of the highest Google-ranking aesthetic plastic surgery providers still offer promotional deals; often tied with luxury-themed ‘perks’ such as chauffeurs, free photo shoots and holiday destinations; out of which nearly two in five (37%) were time-linked (as in ‘book by Friday!’). Not one provided the recommended two-stage written consent ‘cooling off’ process recommended by the Cosmetic Surgical Practice Working Party (CSWP).

Another, separate study looking into providers of non-surgical treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers, showed three out of five (58%) were offering incentives. Worryingly, a third (32%) of these providers did not even specify who actually administered the treatments and over a quarter (26%) made no mention whatsoever of qualifications. Sites where these facial procedures could take place included shopping centres, gyms and even ‘at-home parties’. Only a fifth (22%) of the procedures were offered in facilities registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Rajiv Grover:

“This new yet sadly unsurprising evidence shows that despite the recommendations of Sir Bruce Keogh’s review, the most popular providers continue to advertise financial inducements and ‘luxury’ incentives, clearly reinforcing the preposterous notion that surgery is part of a celebrity-style status symbol involving photo shoots and ‘chauffeur services’. There is nothing glamorous about surgery and these serious (and irreversible) procedures should not be sold alongside aspirational perks as if they were part of a jet-setting lifestyle.”


The conference also marks the official launch of the Government-endorsed National Institute of Aesthetic Research (, a joint initiative between BAAPS and the Healing Foundation ( A world first, the Institute will be housed at the Royal College of Surgeons to ‘sift’ through fat and fiction to establish real evidence in the science of aesthetics.


Rajiv Grover says;

“The continued free-for-all mentality which also involves untested procedures being marketed directly to the public must be reined in, which is why we’re pleased to launch today the Government-endorsed National Institute of Aesthetic Research – the first of its kind in the world. As concluded in the report earlier this year, thorough scientific evaluation, peer-reviewed studies and public education are urgently needed in the aesthetics sector; these have always been the BAAPS’ own objectives, as are now the NIAR’s.”

According to Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS;

“I welcome the announcement from the Healing Foundation and BAAPS on the launch of the National Institute of Aesthetic Research (NIAR). This joint initiative is the first recommendations of my review to be implemented and I know it will provide a major contribution to patient safety.”

Among many other projects, NIAR will be launching a new initiative into breast implant safety.

The Annual Scientific Meeting includes presentations by surgeons to their peers on a vast number of subjects including new techniques and the latest advances in aesthetic plastic surgery. Some of these include;

         FACE-Q or “I FEEL PRETTY” Scale:  a new quantitative system which measures an individual's personal perception of their own appearance

         HAIR2D2 - BACK TO THE FOLLICLE: the UK's first hair transplant robot

         LAND OF 6,000 FACELIFTS: World-renown American surgeon Sherell J. Aston presents lessons from performing 6,000 of these ops - largest study ever

         A JAB BY ANY OTHER NAME DOES NOT DOSE AS SWEET: Not all Botox (or Botox training) is created equal

         YUMMY MUMMY TUMMY: Only your scars will know for sure…

         PLUMP UP THE VOLUME: 3D facelifting

         DARK SIDE OF THE MOOB: Man boobs, how, when and why?



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