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BAAPS to criticise `commoditisation` of cosmetic surgery at annual conference

<p>The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (<a href=""></a> ), the not-for-profit organisation established for the advancement of education and practice of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for public benefit, are today publicly criticising a number of cosmetic surgery clinics and media outlets in the UK, accusing them of `trivialising` and furthering the `commoditisation` of cosmetic surgery.</p> <p>Among those named by BAAPS:</p> <p>Transform Medical Group: Offering a loyalty card scheme that encourages multiple procedures, gift vouchers for surgery and offering non-surgical procedures as a raffle prize at the forthcoming Body Beautiful Show</p> <p>Organisations, such as BUPA, said to be appointing sales reps that are paid on commission to promote plastic surgery, and may be briefed to target young women</p> <p>Top Sant&eacute; and Zoo magazines: Offering cosmetic surgery and `extreme makeovers` as competition prizes</p> <p>The increasingly sensationalist coverage of cosmetic surgery by reality TV programmes</p> <p>Adam Searle, President of the British Associaion of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said:</p> <p>&quot;This trivialisation and commoditisation of medical procedures is appalling. It seems to have come down to the level of loyalty cards, money-off vouchers, competition prizes and even a raffle prize of a procedure of your choice. This belittling of the seriousness of undertaking a medical procedure degrades not only our specialty but also the medical profession as a whole&quot;.</p> <p>&quot;The true tragedy is that within this epidemic of rather tasteless activity there are going to be patients who experience significant complications and lifelong damage from pursuing ill-planned and ill-thought out operations. Sensible and educated decision making about cosmetic surgery is in danger of being lost.&quot;</p> <p>Other topics being covered at the BAAPS conference include:</p> <p>Plans by BAAPS to maintain high standards by widening the membership of the Association to include other specialties.</p> <p>The creation of a Trainee Membership of BAAPS, teaching new surgeons who to make decisions around cosmetic surgery, including when to operate, and perhaps more importantly, when not to operate.</p> <p>The appointment of Norman Waterhouse as the first-ever Specialist Tutor in Aesthetic Surgery, to create a national syllabus for the training and qualification of practitioners, bringing greater safeguards for consumers.</p> <p>The BAAPS annual conference will be open to the press on Thursday 22 September between 2.30 and 4.30pm. The press conference will begin promptly at 2.45pm, and afterwards members of the press will have the opportunity to visit the associated trade show, to learn more about new procedures and products being launched at the conference. Some one-to-one interviews with surgeons can be arranged if requests are received prior to the conference.</p> <p>Topics being discussed by surgeons from around the world include implant selection, regulatory affairs, injectable face treatments, non-invasive alternatives to liposuction, hand ageing and the factors influencing a patient`s choice of surgeon</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>For all media enquiries, please contact <a href=""></a></p>

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