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From 3D printed BREASTS to virtual reality headsets and abdominal etching, the bizarre surgery trends that are set to take 2018 by storm

-Professor Marcos Sforza reveals latest surgery trends and newest treatments

-Claims 3D printing is set to take the world of breast enlargement by storm 

-While chin implants are set to take off and the death of the 'dad bod' is nigh

-Meanwhile virtual reality 3D imaging will let patients see preview of surgery

From Botox injections to lip fillers, us Brits are constantly on the look-out for the latest wonder treatment that will help us look our best.

And if experts are to be believed, 2018 could be the most extreme yet, with new technology ushering in a new wave of weird and wonderful procedures, from 3D printed breasts to new-generation chin implants.

According to aesthetic surgeon Professor Marcos Sforza, we will all be flocking to try out virtual reality imaging, high-tech facelifts - and 'dad bods' will be a thing of the past as men sign up in record numbers for breast reduction, tummy tucks and abdominal etching.

Here, Professor Sforza, who is scientific director from leading cosmetic surgery provider MyAesthetics, tells FEMAIL about the hottest cosmetic trends, technological advances and surgical techniques that are tipped to take the next 12 months by storm.

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