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With thanks to our Corporate Partners, HE Interiors                   


BAAPS Support is an exciting company which offers business support services to plastic surgeon members. 

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BAAPS Support Services

The aspiration of BAAPS Support is to provide services in these four broad categories:



Surgeon Support:

Advice and Pastoral Care Panel
BAAPS Support recognises that many of our members undergo significant stress when faced with difficult cases or situations within their aesthetic practices. We recognise that we also have many experienced and insightful members who can provide support, advice and pastoral care to others in these difficult circumstances. This support is invaluable to those who are in difficulty. We are creating a panel who are willing to be available to provide such support to other members in difficulty or under stress.

To join, complete the application form here. 

Financial Advice & Support
Tavistock Partners (UK) Ltd trading as Abacus Associates Financial Services (a wholly owned subsidiary of Tavistock Investments Plc), understands the needs of surgeons, their practices, and their families, which can often be complex and require a level of expertise well above the norm; the BAAPS Support Wealth Initiative therefore provides a significant resource to manage our needs, with financial planning solutions. Contact  
to find out how Abacus Financial Services can support you in the following areas:

•Pensions & Retirement Planning
•Cashflow Modelling*
•Savings and Investments
•Tax Planning
•Insurance Protection
•Business Protection (insurance)
•Business Profit Extraction
•Estate Planning & Wills*
•Trusts* & Lasting Power of Attorney*
•Loans* & Mortgages


Business support:

We take the pressure out of CQC registrations for new clinics, managing what can be a complex process for you in a professional, knowledgeable and transparent manner. From documentation to personalised guidance, we guarantee efficiency and peace of mind, ensuring your service meets and exceeds quality standards, so that you can continue to focus on your clinical work. And our Quality Compliance service keeps you ahead of any regulatory changes, ensuring continuous proactive improvement in care provision. 

Business support:



Are you tired of the endless paperwork and administrative tasks that accompany running your private practice? Imagine having a system that revolutionises the way you run your business, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional care and focusing on meaningful interactions.

Introducing Carebit, your digital partner. Designed to revolutionise the way you run your practice, Carebit can do so much more than just help you manage your patient records. The power of automation is uniquely at the heart of our system, this means essential tasks like invoicing, sending bespoke patient information and generating reminders can be seamlessly delivered in a fraction of the time. Carebit AI Transcription provides a modern solution for creating patient letters, increasing patient satisfaction, reducing costs and saving you hours of time each week.

Carebit elevates your practice by giving your patients a secure portal to manage their care. Slick integrations with essential services like online pharmacies and pathology services, simplifying electronic prescribing and diagnostic requests. Imagine the convenience of receiving test results directly into patient profiles, without any manual intervention. You can even provide care entirely remotely, coupling these integrations with Carebit Video consultations for the fastest possible turnaround times ensures every patient gets the standard of care they deserve.

Imagine effortlessly communicating with patients, the NHS, and other professionals, all through one secure platform accessible from any internet browser. No more missed messages or lost documents – everything is centralised and easily accessible.

Who are we? Carebit are a team of technically minded, healthcare savvy professionals – we are your digital ally, empowering you to unlock the true potential of your practice. With Carebit by your side, you can reclaim your time, improve your cash flow, and most importantly, provide the outstanding care your patients deserve. Join the hundreds of UK consultants who have switched and experience the value for yourself.

Business support:


  The Chrysalis Group are delighted to offer all BAAPS Support members  a bespoke an All in One Payment Solution which can process your debit card,   credit card and Medical Loan offering to the patient very quick and efficiently.

Medical Loans

  • You can offer Unregulated spreading the cost of treatment finance to your patients (6,10 & 12 months 0% Interest Free) No FCA Authorisation needed
  • You can offer fully regulated spreading the cost of treatment finance to your patients (all of the above, but also 12 months any beyond up to 60 months at low APR Finance) Full FCA Authorisation Needed
  • For FCA regulation, Chrysalis can do all of this for you, take care of all compliance tasks and ensure all FCA reports are completed for you, 
  • 45% more patients are likely to go ahead with the procedures when offered the chance to spread the cost of treatments.

Chrysalis Treatment Pay

  • Guarantee to beat your current provider for card transactions 
  • Improve your cashflow
  • Reduce Admin Time
  • Assist your patients

Contact for more information. 


Business support:

Specialist Cosmetic Care is a CQC registered professional nursing service which provides medical advice and emotional support to patients pre and post operatively. 

We provide enhanced support (24/7) which is usually provided 'out of hours' when the surgeon or clinic is unavailable.

This enables the patient to feel secure and cared for, taking the pressure off the surgeon, the clinic and the secretarial team getting the right advice at the right time for a smoother recovery. 

Throughout our experience of caring for this patient group we have established that supporting patients in this way reduces complaints and promotes overall satisfaction. Easier and more regular contact results in any potential complications being identified sooner with the obvious benefits of earlier intervention. 

We are available via phone calls, video calls and whatsapp and all interactions are documented on the Pabau clinical database. 


Business support:

   HE Interiors 

If you are opening a new clinic, relocating a clinic, or expanding or refurbishing an existing practice, the interior has to meet different needs. It must be an ideal working environment for you, it must satisfy any required medical standards and it also has to create the right first impression for your clients.

At HE Interiors, we work with owners and managers of aesthetics practices, cosmetic surgeries, health clinics and private hospitals, offering a complete interior fitting service, from design to build, that is perfect for you and your clients.

Our work is fully compliant with Care Quality Commission standards and is carried out to the very highest level, by our experienced team of expert tradespeople.

We have a partnership approach to working with all our clients and believe strong communications are key to a successful project. From our first site visit, to handing over the keys, our experienced team and state-of-the-art project management system means that we will be with you every step of the way.

 Contact us today for a FREE consultation to discuss how we can help you achieve your dream practice.

PHONE: 01225 976276/020 398 25091


Business support:


Online Marketing For Doctors is a specialised digital marketing agency focused exclusively on generating new patients for plastic and cosmetic surgeons.
Our team of specialist marketers understands the unique requirements of professional plastic and cosmetic clinics, and we design customised online marketing strategies for plastic and cosmetic surgeons, that conform to AHPRA regulations and are fully GDPR & HIPAA compliant.
Today’s tech-savvy consumers have become empowered to critically assess their healthcare options online before choosing to book an appointment.  We help potential patients find and choose YOUR practice.
Together, we achieve:

- Increased Revenue
- Increased Profitability
- Reduced Marketing Costs
- Reduced Risk
- Time Savings
- Scalability

We do this through a variety of methods, tailored to your unique business needs, including;

- Sales Funnels and Marketing Automation
- Highly Converting Web Design & Development
- Organic Search Marketing
- Performance Pay Per Click Advertising
- Sales and Marketing Training
- Search Consulting
 If this interests you and aligns with your practice’s vision, book a 15-minute Discovery Call with us to learn how our marketing framework can more quickly and easily generate you more patients today.  We look forward to meeting you. 

Business support:


Silarious is a Professional Ultrasound Platform. We are dedicated to providing you the best of Portable, Handheld Color Doppler Ultrasound, with a focus on dependability. Our faculty members working hard to provide you the best training that approved by several national and international universities, important aesthetics and anti-ageing, general medicine and societies in different specialities, and premiere medical institutions around the world.

BAAPS Support Members are entitled to a 5% discount on ultrasounds using code:  SBAAPS05

Business support:


Following a medical procedure, there is always a risk of complications. For self pay patients, this can be costly to rectify.

The Revision Insurance allows, hospitals, clinics or surgeons to insure the medical procedure for complications which may arise as a result.


Legal support:

BAAPS Support has launched a Medicolegal Expert Panel in Aesthetic Surgery. BAAPS Support is very aware that medicolegal issues and cases in aesthetic surgery are a significant stress and concern for our members. We view the medicolegal expert report as a very significant part of case proceedings and having a crucial bearing on the outcome of many cases.
We consider that BAAPS Support members hold a wealth of expertise in aesthetic surgery and are best placed to provide medicolegal assistance in this area. If you would like to join the panel, please complete the form below and send to

Medico-legal panel application form


Legal support: 

BAAPS SuPPORT Complaints Service (BSCS)   

The BAAPS Support Complaints Service (BSCS) is an option for members who have dealt with a patient complaint on a local level but would like a third-party review. BAAPS Support, together with RPC Solicitors, will provide advice following receipt of the patient records and information regarding a patient complaint.

The service is available to all BAAPS Support members on a monthly subscription. You can learn more about the BSCS here


Marketing support: 

Notud - BAAPS Support Members receive a 10% discount when signing up to Notud, an online handwriting tool for professional notes.

Events & Webinars: 

Practice Management Masterclass

read more here.


The 2024 BAAPS Support Webinar Series will start on the 24 April 2024 and run on the last Wednesday of every month (with a break over the summer season).  See details here. 




 The Legal Support Series       ran montly from       November 2020  - February   2021.  To read more about   these,  click here. 



Only Members of BAAPS will be able to be a member of BAAPS Support.  

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