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Press Releases - June 2011

Beware the nut job: warning on male genital enhancement

Liquid Silicone Injections Marketed to Men in the UK

London – 29 June, 2011 – In the wake of the tragic death of a UK woman who was injected with liquid silicone for buttock enhancement, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( today issued a fresh warning... Read more

Surgeon societies slam morning chat show

Professional Associations for Plastic Surgery condemn ‘Skin Deep’ series on ITV This Morning as irresponsible

London – 9 June, 2011 – This week’s ‘Skin Deep’ series of segments on cosmetic treatments featured in popular chat show ITV This Morning has drawn strong condemnation from the main professional organisations in breast... Read more

Cosmetic surgery nightclub draw "insane and depraved"

Government ‘deluded’ to believe in self-regulation – call for ban on surgery lotteries

London – 7 June, 2011 – The announcement of a so-called ‘My Big Fat Plastic Surgery Prize Draw’ series of monthly events around the country has drawn strong condemnation from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic... Read more