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Get'em out: all women should be offered removal of "clearly substandard" implants

Report Confirms Surgeons' Views: Option of Removal Should be Offered Regardless of Rupture

London – 18 June, 2012 – The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( ) today welcomes the final report of the Expert Group on PIP implants which confirms that the devices are "clearly substandard" and significantly more likely to rupture or leak silicone. The report amplifies on previous advice that all providers who used these implants should offer explantation to women affected should they wish for this – even without the presence a rupture.

According to consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President Fazel Fatah, who participated in the Expert Group;

"Despite rigorous testing showing no long-term danger to human health from the individual chemicals in the gel, the fact remains that PIPs are significantly more likely to rupture and leak and, therefore, cause physical reactions in an unacceptable proportion of the patients. We agree with the report findings that anxiety itself is a form of health risk and thus it is entirely reasonable for women to have the right to opt for removal - regardless of whether there has been rupture. Available data shows that should intact implants be left in the body there is still a 15-30% chance that patients may need removal or replacement surgery at some stage. That 'silent' ruptures do not manifest in outward symptoms will in all likelihood not reassure many of those affected, so we welcome the decision that any and all women should be given the option to discuss their individual needs and should be fully supported by their provider whatever their choice, removal or monitoring."

Fazel Fatah continues;

"It will come as no surprise to the many women affected that PIPs have been officially confirmed as defective – this has also been our long-held view, and that the choice of removal should be offered to them by their provider regardless of rupture or symptoms. We fully support the report's conclusions that all providers who implanted PIPs have a responsibility to proactively share with their patients objective and up-to-date information about the risks to their health so they can make an informed decision on the removal of their implants."


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