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BAAPS Statement on Overturned Negligence Ruling for Regulatory Body in PIP Scandal

According to consultant surgeon and BAAPS President Michael Cadier: 

"The decision to overturn the ruling on the regulatory body's negligence in properly and safely assessing the manufacturing of PIP implants - the same faulty implants which BAAPS maintains had no place inside the human body - is absolutely outrageous.  It is a slap in the face to the victims of PIP who continue to suffer without proper compensation following the criminal actions of one company, the negligence of others, and now from the fallout - which is once again being swept under the rug.  How are any of us expected to maintain faith in the safety of medical devices when the regulators ultimately face no penalty after rubber-stamping products unfit for purpose, resulting in the needless suffering for hundreds of thousands of victims and their families?  

The BAAPS have long condemned the criminal actions of the manufacturers of these faulty implants, and the way victims have been treated. This is about more than simply a financial cost - the PIP scandal has cost victims their health, their peace of mind and now, women who have received some compensation will be expected to reimburse the regulators. The same regulators that allowed criminal manufacturers to profit for ten years unchecked, and therefore enabled the manufacturers to put industrial grade silicone in women's bodies.  It's no less than shocking that such obvious negligence - with worldwide consequences - would be seen as exempt from criticism and written off as business-as-usual - providing the public with yet another sad illustration of the pathetic lack of regulation in the aesthetic sector and the totally inadequate regulatory process which offers no protection to patients and is fundamentally unsafe." 


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