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Mr William James McLeod Holmes MBChB MRCS

Interests: Body surgery, Botulinum toxin injections (Botox), Breast surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Facelifts, Lip enhancement, Liposuction, Scars and Keloids and Setting back prominent ears

About me:

I have over 12 years’ experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery and trained in some of the best units in the country including Bristol and Chelmsford. I am a full-time consultant plastic surgeon working at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield. I perform all aspects of plastic surgery with a specialist interest in breast reconstruction and skin cancer treatment. My Private Practise is perfromed at the Spire Methley Park Hospital in South Leeds. 

I specialise in all aspects of cosmetic breast surgery, facial aesthetics and body contouring - breast lift, breast asymmetry, breast augmentation, neck lifting, face lifting, eyelid surgery, brow lifting and tummy tuck. For facelifts, I offer the "R-lift" technique which is a modified and less invasive facelift technique, associated with shorter downtime than the traditional facelift. It works by giving a fresh, re-vitalised result with similar longevity but a quicker recovery. I also offer the R-breast reduction technique to improve projection and maintain better long-term shape than the conventional breast reduction techniques.

There is no standard approach to breast augmentation surgery and I aim to educate my patients so they fully understand their best and safest options. While there are many places that offer breast augmentation surgery both in and outside the UK, unsatisfactory outcomes are not uncommon for those who have travelled abroad, and unfortunately they often require expensive revisional surgery or, in some instances, urgent emergency care in my NHS practise. My NHS practice is built on complex breast reconstruction and this has given me extensive experience with all types of breasts implants and their advantages. I will confidently offer you the most bespoke option to achieve your best result. I don’t routinely use drains in my patients and follow the latest enhanced recovery methods to minimise your time in hospital and your post-surgery downtime. I proudly offer the state-of the-art water-assisted body-jet liposuction technique that has revolutionised my approach to body contouring and abdominoplasty. It reduces post-operative swelling, downtime and offers better results.

I have recently moved from a standard abdominoplasty to an “enhanced muscle repair abdominoplasty” that concentrates particularly on retightening the muscles of the tummy wall, resulting in a better shape and defined hourglass contour. This is particularly advantageous for women seeking to maximise their outcome following childbirth or previous abdominal surgery.

I am fully trained in advanced Botox and fillers treatment and this forms an important part of my recommended maintenance programme following facial rejuvenation surgery. For patients who are desiring more permanent results, I can recommend an alternative filler process which uses fat and is known as the Coleman fat transfer. I have extensive experience with this procedure and it can also be used to successfully fine-tune any aesthetic breast surgery. Much of my job has concentrated on complications relating to scars. We have a range of options to treat unsightly, symptomatic, or obvious scarring and I am happy to advise and offer surgical scar revision when indicated.

My training has always put patient safety first. I believe that for surgery to be successful it must be built on a strong bond of trust and respect between myself and my patients. The consultation is the first important step in that process and this is where I will use my experience and insight to educate the individual patient on the best treatment plan.
All cosmetic surgery should aim to achieve natural, smooth, healthy results, and avoid the commonly seen celebrity extremes. If ultimately, I can't offer you what you need, I can direct you to an experienced doctor from my network of experts who will assist you.

I trained in Yorkshire after a junior fellowship at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. Following higher plastic surgery training, I completed competitively awarded fellowships in skin oncology and breast microsurgical reconstruction at prestigious units in the UK. This was followed by the only official nationally recognised aesthetic fellowship in the UK, run by the National Institute of Aesthetic research (NIAR) and the Scar Free Foundation. I worked with the acclaimed Mr Riaz: inventor of the minimally invasive face lift; the R-lift, and the R-breast reduction. This training was complemented by visiting international experts in London, Manchester, and Cape Town. I am a core member of the Mid Yorkshire Skin Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) who meet regularly to discuss complex skin cancer and a member of the weekly breast cancer MDT in Pinderfields Hospital. This means I am well placed to counsel you on any skin-related or breast-implant related concerns you may have, with access to NHS specialist services if necessary.


For more information about what I offer, and how I do it, please visit my website 

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