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BAAPS Annual Scientific Meeting - Programme

The BAAPS 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting focused on Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgery, Practice Management and Controversies in plastic Surgery from an exceptional faculty from all around the world.

DAY 1 – 5th October 2017


Panel Style

8.15-8.25     President’s Welcome   Simon Withey         

8.25-9.00     Recent evidence in breast augmentation – ALCL and capsular contracture
Anand Deva (Sydney, Australia) and Mark Clemens (Texas, USA) live weblink discussion            

9.00-9:10     How I plan for breast augmentation   Martin del Yerro              

9.10-9.20     How I plan for breast augmentation   Patrick Mallucci  

9.20-9.30    Why I prefer using smooth implants, but when I choose to use shaped  Graeme Southwick  

9.30-9:40    Why I prefer using anatomical implants   Martin del Yerro  

9.40-9:55     Lipofilling for breast augmentation and augmentation mastopexy  Foued Hamza  


9.55-10.15    Management of divergency of the Nipple areola complexes  Martin del Yerro              

10.15-10.30  The constricted breast and how I deal with it  Graeme Southwick   

10.30 -10.50  Panel discussion – breast implants (Graeme Southwick; Martin del Yerro; Patrick Mallucci; Foued Hamza)

COFFEE BREAK 10.50 - 11:10


11.10-11.20  B-Lite, Lightweight Breast Implants Patrick Mallucci (sponsored)

11:20-11.35 Nipple placement in pexy procedures – and what to do if you get it wrong  Patrick Mallucci

11.35-11.50   Approaches to mastopexy – producing consistent results  Graeme Southwick  

11.50-12:05   Consistent results in augmentation-mastopexy    Martin del Yerro  

12.05-12:20  Vertical scar breast reduction in gigantomastia      Foued Hamza   

12.20 -12.35  Refinements in breast reduction surgery   Graeme Southwick        


12.35-13.05   Nuances in approaches to aesthetic breast surgery   Graeme Southwick     

13.05-13.25  Brain and breast. Time for Thought.  Adam Searle    

LUNCH 13.25-14:55 – VIP Exhibition Tours

IMCAS SESSION/MINIMAL INVASIVE – Chair Ash Mosahebi & Dr Benjamin Ascher

14.55-15.00  What’s hot from IMCAS  Benjamin Ascher

15.00-15.15   Eyelid Fat Grafting with PRP  Benjamin Ascher

15.15-15.30   “Accordion-faces" by highly diluted botulinium toxin superficial injections  Dr.Bernard Mole

15.30-15.45  Growing your database and business with Coolsulpting   Benji Dhillon (sponsored)

COFFEE BREAK 15.45 – 16.15


16.15-16.45    Keynote Practice Management Lecture  Golden rules produced golden moments - insights over the years!  Graeme Southwick 

16.45-17.10   Keynote Business Development - What cosmetic patients want…. Tom Seery

17.10 -17.25   Why a non-surgical interest is fundamental to your surgical practice  Graeme Southwick  

17.30 – 18.30 BAAPS Member’s AGM & Wine Tasting

19.30 – 23.30 BAAPS Annual Member’s Dinner
Kensington Design Museum - All delegates welcome to purchase tickets!


DAY 2 – 6th October 2017

RHINOPLASTY – Chair – Neil McLean

Panel Style

9.00 - 9.40   Rhinoplasty Practice Panel – Marginal Gains - my basic principles and keys in achieving results 
(Wolfgang Gubisch;  Nazim Cerkes; Tim Woolford; Julian Rowe Jones)   

9.40 - 9.55  Sutures and Grafts: types and algorithms Nazim Cerkes

9.55 - 10.10   Managing the deviated nose     Wolfgang Gubisch  

10.10 - 10.25 Management of over-projected Tip  Nazim Cerkes    

COFFEE BREAK 10.25 -10.45

Chair - Charles Nduka

10.45-11.00   Correction of secondary functional problems in rhinoplasty     Tim Woolford    

11.00-11.15   Correction of secondary aesthetic problems in rhinoplasty     Wolfgang Gubisch

11.15 -11.30    Piezo surgery in rhinoplasty  Julian Rowe Jones    

11.30-12.00  Panel Discussion
(Wolfgang Gubisch;  Nazim Cerkes; Tim Woolford; Julian Rowe Jones)

(Parallel trainee session – and Hackett prize first round at same time as rhino session – 11.00-12.30)

LUNCH 12:00 – 13.30 - VIP Exhibition Tours

13.30-13.50 - HACKETT PRIZE – Top two abstracts to present for Hackett Memorial Fund Prize & prizes awarded


13.50 -14.00    From consideration to consultation – How CoolSculpting uses Artificial Intelligence to drive customers to their clinics Peter Day (sponsored)   

14.00-14.20   Dealing with the unhappy patient/managing expectations and breaking down of the doctor-patient relationship Graeme Southwick               

14.20-14.40   How does the ethical surgeon compete in the marketplace  Paul Harris

14.40-14.55   Applying marginal gains to the practice of aesthetic plastic surgery Charles Nduka 

14.55-15.15   A Surgeon’s guide to customer experience  Dan Hopkins

15.15-15.25  Why more of us should be setting up clinics  David Dunaway

15.25-15.35  Productivity and control in running your own clinic JJ Staiano 

15:35-15.45  Internal Bra Cup Mastopexy with Galaflex Mesh  Bill Adams  (sponsored)

COFFEE BREAK 15.45 - 16.05 

CLINICAL PEARLS – Chair Muhammad Riaz

16.05-16.45   My worst complication – and what I did about it
Graeme Southwick; Martin del Yerro; Charles East; Patrick Mallucci; Tim Woolford; Wolfgang Gubisch; Julian Rowe-Jones; Bill Adams (5mins each)

16.45.-17.25   My top 5 technical tips in my favourite operations                                
Graeme Southwick; Martin del Yerro; Charles East; Patrick Mallucci; Tim Woolford; Wolfgang Gubisch; Julian Rowe-Jones; Bill Adams (5mins each)

17.25 – 17.35 Close of Meeting & Awards (Travelling Fellowship, Hackett Memorial & Poster Presentation)  President, Simon Withey