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BAAPS Annual International Conference 

Refinement and the Art of Aesthetic Surgery

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Thursday 10th October - 6 CME points

Male Plastic Surgery
Chair: Charles Nduka

8:30-8:45              Presidents welcome and introduction by Paul Harris
8:45-9:00              Addition and Subtraction: My preferred approach to the male chest
                                Doug Steinbrech
9:00-9:15              Aesthetic approach and surgical treatment of gynaecomastia: incisions and  
                                aesthetic looks
Alfredo Hoyos
9:15-9:30              Male body contouring                                                                            
                                Alexander Aslani
9:30-9:45              Abs to Calves: The New Wave or MALE Muscular Enhancement with
                                Composite Silicone and Fat-Grafting

                                Doug Steinbrech
9:45-10:00           For Surfers & Gladiators: BodyBanking to Improve Your Men’s Abdominal

                                Doug Steinbrech              
10:00-10:10         From Zero to hero: Spartan Body: High Def Lipo in Male torso: abs, arms, and back.
                                Alfredo Hoyos   
10:10-10:25         Debate

10:25-10:50         Coffee Break

10:50-11:00         Sponsored talk

Female Genital Plastic Surgery
Chair: Nora Nugent

11:05-11:15         Applied anatomy and clinical considerations in labiaplasty
                                Paul Banwell
11.15-11:30         Advanced approaches to labial re-shaping, revision/complications
                                Heather Furnas
11:30-11:45         Zig Zag Labiaplasty
                                Lisa Sacks
11:40-11:55         Contemporary approaches to vaginal rejuvenation
                                Heather Furnas
11.55-12:25         Panel Debate
                            Panel: Paul Banwell, Heather Furnas, Lisa Sacks and Alison Wright

12:25-13:45         Lunch

Body Contouring – Adding and Removing Fat
Chair: Marc Pacifico

13:45-13:55         Cosmetic features of the perfect abdomen
David Floyd
13:55-14:10         Body banking – raising the bar in body contouring with the power of lipo-grafting
Doug Steinbrech
14:10-14:20         Effective protocols for safety in large volume fatgrafting
                                Alexander Aslani
14:20-14:35         Mixing technologies for maximizing results: Fat removal vs skin tightening
                                Alfredo Hoyos
14:35-14:45         Body contouring with implants and /or fat: When best to use what and how
                                Alexander Aslani
14:45-14:55         Mini abdominoplasty with full muscle plication
                                David Floyd
14:55-15:10         Legs have curves; Male vs Female: Anatomy & Treatment:
                                High definition lipoplasty of the knees, calves, and ankles

                                Alfredo Hoyos

15:10-15:40         Coffee Break

15:40-15:50         Sponsored Talk

BAAPS Support Session – Practice Issues & Management
Chair: Mike Tyler

15:50-16:00         BAAPS Support Introduction
                                Mike Tyler
16:00-16:10         Catch the train of social media marketing
                                Heather Furnas
16:10-16:20         Marketing your practice within a workable budget
                                Doug Steinbrech
16:20-16:30         Practice management tips from running a successful medspa
                                (Including how to increase enquiries to bookings)
                                Heather Furnas
16:30-16:40         Lessons in setting up a clinic
                                Marc Pacifico
16:40-16:50         Developing systems in your aesthetic practice to be successful in the 21st Century
                                Doug Steinbrech

Day 1 Closed

17:00-17:45         BAAPS Members Annual General Meeting
                                BAAPS Member ONLY

18:30                    Coaches to Annual Conference Dinner

19:30                    Annual Conference Dinner - Celebrate BAAPS's 40th birthday on the 40th floor at the Gherkin!

Friday 11th October

*7:45-8:45am     Masterclass: EVOLUTION OF ADVANCED BODY CONTOURING: Present & Future
                        Alfredo Hoyos
*This is a separate class that will need to be registered and paid for here 

Friday 11th October - 6 CME points

Breast - Developmental Chest Anomalies
Chair: Neil McLean

9:10-9:20              Approaching the tuberous breast – my preferred technique
                                Dennis von Heimburg
9:20-9:35              Perfecting volume in treating breast asymmetry
                                David Floyd
9:35-9:50              Breast and chest wall asymmetry and correction using breast implants
                                Dennis von Heimburg
9:50-10:00           Nipple asymmetry and dystopia in revision surgery
                                David Floyd

10:00-10:30         Coffee Break

Breast - Secondary Surgery
Chair: Steve Hamilton

10:30-10:45         Approaches to Breast Implant removal: An concept in evolution
                                David Floyd
10:45-11:05         Secondary surgery using implants
                                Dennis von Heimburg
11:05-11:20         Composite breast augmentation with lower breast pole expansion
                                Alexander Aslani
11:20-11:35         Implant removal and fat transfer – SIET
                                Daniel Del Vecchio
11:35-12:00         Debate

12:00-13:30        Lunch Break

13:30-13:40        Sponsored Talk

13:40-13:50        Hackett Prize Winner Talk

Buttock Surgery
Chair: Ash Mosahebi

13:50-13:55         Gluteal anatomy & surgical approach:
                             Aesthetic gluteal contouring with liposuction & fat grafting in females
                              Alfredo Hoyos               
Paul Harris
14:00-14:10         Where are we now in the UK? An update from the BAAPS BBL taskforce
   Mo Akhavani
14:10-14:20         Gluteal augmentation with fat - science, technique and public health issues
                             Daniel Del Vecchio                            
14:20-14:35         Towards safety training in gluteal augmentation with fat 
Daniel Del Vecchio/Alexander Aslani joint presentation
14:45-14:55         Composite buttock augmentation
                             Alexander Aslani
14:55-15:10         The BodyBanking Quarterback ButtLift: My Glute Augmentation with Implant, Fat or both.
                             Doug Steinbrech
15:10-15:45         Debate

15:45-16:15         Coffee Break

Hot Topics
Chair: Mary O’Brien

16:15-16:35      “Consider your patients’ vulnerabilities and psychological needs” (GMC2016).
                          An update on working more closely with psychologists to manage vulnerable
                          groups and achieve good psychological outcomes
                            Nicky Rumsey/Alex Clarke
16:35–16:50       Breast implant illness – does it exist? The topic, the evidence, the controversy
                           David Floyd
16:50-17:05       BIA-ALCL update - via video link
                             Anand Deva
17:05-17:15         Gender difference among plastic surgeons
                             Heather Furnas
17:15-17:30          Future of Aesthetic Surgery
                            Raina Dauria

Close of Meeting

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*This programme is still subject to change. 


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