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BAAPS Annual International Conference 

Thursday 4th October 


[Chair:  Steve Hamilton]

8:30–8:40                Introduction by Simon Withey

8.40-8.50                 The 10 Commandments of Body Contouring Surgery            Jean-Francois Pascal (SOFCEP)

8.50-9.00                 Implications of approaches to bariatric surgery                    Chris Pring

Abdominoplasty & Umbilicus

9.00-9.15                 New concepts in lipoabdominoplasty & Omphaloplasty                                 Osvaldo Saldanha

9.15-9.25                  Abdominoplasty: to drain or not to drain                                                                          Awf Quaba

9.25-9.35                 Avoiding the vertical scar: Fleur de lis vs Extended abdominoplasty                            Awf Quaba

9.35-9.50                 Mummy Makeovers                                                                                                               Gary Ross

9.50-10.00              BRA – Breast reconstruction Abdominoplasty                                                 Osvaldo Saldanha

10.00-10.10             Cellfina cellulite dimples treatment – the untapped market and opportunity      Nick Rhodes 

10.10-10.40             COFFEE BREAK

Body contouring

[Chair: Marc Pacifico] 

10.40-12.00     Body contouring jousting (battle formats) & Q&A from the floor   
All faculty (Jean-Francois Pascal/Osvaldo Saldanha/Awf Quaba/Gary Ross/David Ross)       

  • Why I stop my brachioplasties in the axilla vs. Why I continue my brachioplasties beyond the axilla
  • Why I prefer a horizontal thigh lift vs. why I prefer a vertical thigh lift
  • Why I use drains in Abdominoplasty vs. why I don’t use drains in Abdominoplasty
  • Why I use quilting sutures in Abdominoplasty vs. why I don’t use quilting sutures in Abdominoplasty
  • Why I discharge my Abdominoplasty patients early (1-2 days) vs. Why I don’t discharge my Abdominoplasty patients early (3+ days)
  • Why I prefer a low Abdominoplasty scar even if it means adding a small vertical component vs. why I prefer a higher Abdominoplasty scar
  • Liposcution and abdominoplasty – how much, where, at what stage of the surgery
  • When do you use pharmacological venous prophylaxis?
  • When to use pressure garments and for how long?
  • Do you stage procedures and what combinations do you prefer during one stage procedures?

12.00-13.30             LUNCH

Lower body, Arms and thighs

[Chair: Nora Nugent]

13.30-13:45             Vertical lateral body lift                                                                 Jean-Francois Pascal (SOFCEP)

13.45-14.00             Lower body lift and fleur de Lis abdominoplasty                           Gary Ross

14.00-14.20            How I do my thigh lifts – video or photo sequence & Questions Jean-Francois Pascal & Awf Quaba           

14:20 - 14:30          Upper Body Lift                                                                      Jean-Francois Pascal                                           

14.30-14.45            Brachioplasty and lateral thoracic lifting                             Jean-Francois Pascal

14.45-14.55             Cellfina Breakthrough treatment for cellulite dimples demonstration    Nick Rhodes
14.55-15.25             COFFEE BREAK

Refinements in Body contouring 

[Chair:  Mike Tyler]

15.25-15.35             The techniques to achieve an ideal mons pubis                                       Jean-Francois Pascal 

15.35-16:00             My top 3 body contouring tips in 5-minutes & Questions
                                 All faculty (Jean-Francois Pascal/Gary Ross/Osvaldo Saldanha)

16.00-16.10            The Oncoplastic Training Simulator - Bridging Gaps in current Training   Lopa Patel 

16.10-16.20            Plastic Surgery Safety Score                                                                  Osvaldo Saldanha

16.20-16.40             Your Patients Have Uber Expectations: How To Meet Them            Tom Seery

16.40-16.55             BAAPS Support Talk - VAT and plastic surgery; a European case     Veronica Donnelly

Day 1 Closed

17.10-17:45             BAAPS Member Annual General Meeting 

19:30 BAAPS Conference Dinner - Syon House

- Coaches to Syon House from Kensington Olympia at 18:45 

Friday 5th October 


Introduction and neck rejuvenation

[Chair:  Charles Nduka] 

09.00-09.15             Appraisal of patients for facial rejuvenation                                                           Awf Quaba

09.15-09.25             Facial contouring with implants                                                                                James McDiarmid

09.25-09.35             Nerve injury in neck rejuvenating surgery – how to stay away from it              Mario Pelle-Ceravolo

09.35-09.45             Neck lift and the submental area – back to anatomy                                           Daniel Labbé          

09.45-9.50               Complete platysma transections in neck rejuvenation – a critical approach     Mario Pelle-Ceravolo

9.55-10.05               Treatment of anterior neck ageing without a submental approach                     Mario Pelle-Ceravolo

10.05-10.15             Approaching the heavy and post-weight loss neck                                                Daniel Labbé

10.15-10.45             COFFEE BREAK

Non-surgical & live injecting 

[Chair:  Ash Mosahebi & Marc Pacifico]

10.45-10.55             Lip anatomy for injectables                                                                                    Ali Pirayesh

10.55-11.05             SILC – balancing surgery, injectables and lasers                                                   Ali Pirayesh

11.05-11.15               IMCAS Alert Surgery, a new approach in an app format                                       Michel Rouif

11.15-11.25               Injectable and Threads complications, What we learn from the IMCAS Alert     Jonathan Fernandez

Live injection session

11.30-12.05             Advanced injection techniques in the male face                                                   Tapan Patel

12.05-12.35             Advanced injection techniques in the female face                                                Raj Acquilla

12.40 – 14.10          LUNCH BREAK

Practice management & Hackett Prize

[Chair:  Douglas McGeorge]

14.10-14.20             Hackett Memorial Prize Presentation                                                                      Prize Winner

14.20-14.30             My personal approach to ethical clinic success                                                     James McDiarmid

Face/neck lifting

[Chair:  Douglas McGeorge]

14.35-15.05     Face/neck lifting jousting (battle formats) & Q&A from the floor      
All faculty (Awf Quaba/Mario Pelle-Ceravolo/Daniel Labbé/Ali Pirayesh/James McDiarmid)

  • Why I prefer a lateral approach to the neck vs. an anterior approach
  • Preferred SMAS technique – Plication vs SMASectomy vs. flaps vs. MACS
  • Preferred approach to the brow – direct vs. endoscopically
  • Why I frequently fat graft the face vs. why I don’t often fat graft the face
  • Preferred scar approach to face/neck lift and why
  • Tips for addressing the heavy neck and the weight loss patient

15.05-15.30      Invited case analysis by faculty                                                                                
3-4 face/neck cases to be presented and commented on with the faculty member’s preferred approach
All faculty (Awf Quaba/Mario Pelle-Ceravolo/Daniel Labbé/Ali Pirayesh/James McDiarmid)

15.30-15.50  COFFEE BREAK

Refinements in facial rejuvenation

[Chair:  Paul Harris]

15.50-16.00             Optimising facelift surgery with injectables                                                         Ali Pirayesh

16.00-16.10             Facelifting strategies after permanent filler sequelae: a review of 120 patients  Ali Pirayesh

16.10-16.20             TBS – the easiest way to shape the brows                                                            Mario Pelle-Ceravolo

16.20-16.30             My personal approach to the brow                                                                         Awf Quaba     

16.30-17.00             My worst facelift complication and how I handled it     5-minute presentations each                             
All faculty  (Awf Quaba/Mario Pelle-Ceravolo/Daniel Labbé/Ali Pirayesh/James McDiarmid)

17:00     END OF MEETING

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