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Future of Breast and Face Surgery

Join us for our immersive hybrid meeting discussing the latest advances in breast and face surgery.

From the haemostatic net in facelift surgery to deep plane neck lifting through to the role of lipofilling in aesthetic breast surgery and future directions for breast implants, we have it all covered!

Our expert faculty are at the top of the global aesthetics stage and will present their cutting edge techniques. The panel discussions will be interactive with members fielding questions from the floor and further afield. 

The faculty in alpabetical order:

  • Dr Andre Auersvald 
  • Dr Chiara Botti
  • Dr Francisco Gomez Bravo 
  • Dr Jim Grotting
  • Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe
  • Mr Niall Kirkpatrick
  • Dr Nina Naidu
  • Miss Mary O'Brien
  • Mr Marc Pacifico
  • Mr Thangasamy Sankar
  • Mr Norman Waterhouse

See the full programme here