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The 2019 Meeting Topics

Refinement and the Art of Aesthetic Surgery

The BAAPS 2019 conference was the best yet, with an A-list faculty of renowned plastic surgeons from around the world attending.

Key topics focused on:

  • male plastic surgery, focussing on the chest and abdomen
  • female genital surgery
  • body contouring with adding and removing fat
  • psychological aspects of plastic surgery 
  • BBLs (Brazilian Butt Lifts) 
  • practice management 
  • breast surgery and many more hot topics

There was also a parallel plastic surgery nurses conference for the first time, inviting plastic surgery nurses to engage with the BAAPS and provide some invaluable lectures and topics for their day to day professional lives. The nurses conference included topics ranging from pre-operative counselling, improving patient communication through to wound management, the psychological side of our plastic surgery patients and the added value nurses can bring to a plastic surgery practice. 

We look forward to developing this more for 2020.